Chris Daniels Productions | QTAKE SYSTEM
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[ Providing the latest in VTR and DIT technology ]
CDP is proud to present it’s latest development – a complete on-set QTake system, capable of handling instant playback and metadata management for up to four cameras, as well as live colour grading, WiFi image streaming to iPads and iPhones, and much more. The system doubles as a full scale mobile DIT setup, able to process super-critical viewing on industry leading Flanders Scientific field monitors, and run copy-verify-transcode pipeline simultaneously.

The system answers the needs of three departments on set:
  1. The Director receives live vision from A and B cameras to handheld 7” monitor/recorder units, providing the ability to cue their own playback at any time;
  2. The DoP receives the latest Flanders Scientific 17” grading monitors (100% DCI-P3, Rec2020 simulation) for critical monitoring, and a full set of image analysis;
  3. Producers receive large, 24” ultra-HD screens with audio for live monitoring and playback.
Up to 16 crew members can monitor and view playback via WiFi on iOS devices.


Location ready system, with each item based on a mobile cart, and able to be battery or AC powered.


On-set DIT system, providing metadata management (ALE, CDL, XML creation), dailies, and proxies.
Monitors from 5” to 24” are available. Long-form packages are now available; daily packages are available by negotiation.
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