Chris Daniels Productions | About
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Which Chris Daniels do you need?

There’s Chris the Camera Assistant working with large production crews all over the country, creating feature films and international ads.
Or, there’s Chris the Director, shooting and editing client projects from video content and short films to ads and music clips, start to finish. From conceptual brainstorms in coffee shops to final presentation delivery.
When it comes to complete, and we mean complete, video production – creative, shooting, post-production, hardware hire and project capabilities, Chris Daniels is your equivalent of a swiss army knife… smart, compact, cost-effective and cut through.
Hello, major project producers. You’ve found the end of your rainbow. Chris’s full production CV and contact details are right here
Chris Daniels Headshot


The success of any project is all about finding the right person for the job, the one who can bring it to life, make it stand out and get the job done. Ready to connect? Let’s start here!